Add and track tasks to organize your orders.



Cards let you manage projects by adding tasks and tracking progress. You can add cards to orders and create general business cards so you can see all your open projects in one place.

Tasks and Subtasks

For when your tasks have tasks, you can use subtasks to micromanage steps, add multiple due dates, and track every stage.

copy and paste


Do all your clients go through the same 15 steps? Maybe you have a few different possible paths your clients can take depending on the order.

Create templates to easily add tasks in bulk.



See your tasks on a calendar the same way you view your orders.

You'll always know what needs your attention first with “Today’s” view, where you'll see tasks due today across all cards, projects, and orders.

End your day with a quick glance at what's upcoming or get a jump start on tomorrow's tasks with the “Tomorrow” task view.

Instead of a jumbled list of endless tasks, you'll know exactly what’s coming up and when with the “Upcoming” tab. These tasks are organized by date, helping you prioritize, work ahead more efficiently, and feel in control of the (let's be honest) endless to do list.

It happens to the best of us, we miss deadlines (especially for those personal business projects, right?). now you can see what needs your attention most with a list of tasks that either need to be handled or the timeline updated.



You have a lot of tasks and a lot of orders; now everything is linked! Add cards to orders so you can see who these tasks apply to and access the order from your task list with one click!

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